Nikki Baxendale

Tofino: The Magic Beneath

Featured Artist Exhibit

Aug 25 — Sept 8, 2023


‘The Magic Beneath’
By Nikki Baxendale

TGCA is delighted to welcome Nikki Baxendale’s collection Tofino: ‘The Magic Beneath debuting Aug 25. 

About the exhibit

Immerse yourself in the serenity of misty mornings and the captivating beauty of Tofino’s rustic beaches. 

Tofino, known for its tranquil ambiance, holds a hidden secret beneath its tides. Explore the depths and uncover a mesmerizing array of jewel-toned treasures waiting to be discovered. This exhibition presents a striking juxtaposition between the cool tranquility of misty mornings and the enigmatic kaleidoscope of colours that dance beneath the waves. 

The magic is hidden in the mystic tide pools where the rushing white peaks of the ocean waves reflect the sun and light is dragged across the canvas, creating an electrifying current of energy and emotion.

Opening Oils

Step into a world where nature’s splendour takes centre stage. The exhibition opens with the familiar sight of magnificent canopy trees gracefully adorning the entrance to Tofino’s renowned shorelines. Witness the magical play of light as the morning sun casts cool tones, painting the silhouetted trunks against the horizon. And as the day progresses, indulge your senses in a mesmerizing display of vibrant hues, as the afternoon sun sets, setting the landscape ablaze with a kaleidoscope of green and chartreuse brilliance.

Enter The Ocean

Embrace the power of crashing tides! Step closer to the ocean’s edge and immerse yourself in the force of nature. These oil paintings, created with three-dimensional brush strokes and textural mediums, transport you into the heart of the drama. Feel the raw energy of the waves as they come to life on canvas, inviting you to experience the captivating allure of the sea in a whole new dimension.

The Magic Beneath – The Tide Pools

Now, wait and watch…..welcome to The Tide Pools Collection. 

‘The Magic Beneath’ hits centre stage with this section: a 3-year photography study of the ecosystem hidden beneath the tidal flows. Watching the chemistry of sunlight as the refracted light mixes and alters the palette, the naked eye can rarely can see this presentation with each capture timed to drag flashes of light across the canvas. These studies are then interpreted in abstracted, highly sculptured oil paintings each framed in a simple white wood handmade frame.