Waving at Whales

December 1st to 15th, 2021

Marion Evamy and the Tofino Gallery of Contemporary Art Present "Waving at Whales"

Join us for the Artist's Reception Dec 2nd 5-8pm, at the Tofino Gallery of Contemporary Art –105 - 430 Campbell Street

Artist statement:

This series of whale paintings was created during the Summer of 2021, in my outdoor studio, set up on the lower deck of our home, inches from the Salish Sea.   This year, we experienced more whale visits than any other year we have lived here.
Most sightings were during the day, and occasionally the orca pods would circle around in our little bay and just hang out. If they were feeling frisky, there was tail slapping and some pectoral fin waving, and even an occasional breach!
One evening, I heard several whales, likely Humpbacks, with the distinctive audible burst of air as they surfaced but I could not spot them, due to the cover of darkness.
The excitement and joy I feel at witnessing these magnificent creatures is what I express through my paintings.
I employed a different approach to each work. Some are acrylic on canvas, and others are mixed media with acrylic, collage and oil. Some paintings show the working process, while others lean towards the more polished ‘end’ result. Marrying the ‘styles’ of expressionism, abstraction and Fauvism — these creations focus on colour, feeling and composition.
~ Marion Evamy

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