Figuratively Speaking

An Homage to the Female Grace, Face and Form

Nov 17 — Dec 5, 2022

Throughout art history, women have been idolized, idealized and immortalized in painting and sculpture. From goddesses, spirits and mythical beings in origin stories, fairy tales and scripture, women symbolize strength, virtue and fertility. We are revered, righteous and feared, as exemplified by the work of 17th c. artist Artemisia Gentileschi.

This collective of female figurative artworks, thoughtfully selected and curated for ‘Figuratively Speaking: An Homage to the Female Grace, Face and Form’, speaks to the feminine divinity of all ages through a contemporary lens.

With pleasure, TGCA welcomes figurative sculpture by Anne-Sophie Falconer, paintings by Arden Rose, Chin Yuen, Lucy Schappy, Marion Evamy, Michelle Miller, Montserrat Seaman and Nikki Baxendale, contour drawings by Irma Soltonovich, and a small retrospective of charcoal drawings and oil paintings by Limner artist Jack Wilkinson (d. 2007).

Join us for the Artist Reception, November 17th, 6-9pm

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