Sandra Froher




Victoria, BC

Currently in the Gallery

About the Artist

Sandra Prest-Froher is an Indigenous Energy Artist, fashion designer and natural dyer who lives, works and plays on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. She was born in Terrace, BC and currently resides with her family in Victoria, BC. She is a member of the Sqwah First Nation in the Fraser Valley and is from the Stolo Nation.

Froher’s abstract paintings speak to a realm of hidden truths. Her lived experience and understanding of the world are articulated through abstracted and layered colors to create a visceral connection to the unseen world.

Froher chooses her materials deliberately to express the outcome of her expression. One of her techniques feature acrylic pigments and ink on canvas. There is a cosmic vibrancy to this work. Froher channels energy through her body and blows air currents onto the pigments and inks that interlace on the canvas to create a type of marbling. Through this

process, spiraling layers begin to emerge, which create a surreal mixture of opulence and otherworldliness.

Froher is interested in the process of transformation and metamorphosis, employing a distinct style of abstraction or, what she calls, Energy Art. Her workbrings together instinctive compositions while revealing the precise power of bold colors and sweeping gestural brushstrokes. Her paintings bring alive the fundamental quest to express something personal, hinting towards freedom in a poetic, abstracted way. Her art has been collected throughout Europe and North America.