Patty Ripley


Contemporary Painting


Salt Spring Island, BC

Currently in the Gallery

About the Artist

“I live and work overlooking Ganges Inlet in our cottage home and studio on
Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Nature is an innate part of life. Movement, rhythms, light, life patterns,
reflections – all inspire my work. It’s a communion that spills out through
creative expression. But there’s more to it than copying what I see in front of

The paintings are inner contemplations, stories and landscapes of life. They’re
each unique expressions containing vitality and essence within their layers
and convey my felt experiences. Like life, paths may lead the viewer to bold
beauty, quiet passages and beautiful imperfections. I admire nature’s
gorgeous example of being wildly chaotic and peacefully ordered at the same

On an average day, you’ll see me enjoying a huge capacity for play and
delight. Essentially this means finding me feeding my senses in the oceanside
garden, cooking with a palette of ingredients, in the studio spattered in colorful
paint or following Oski, our energetic yellow lab, on a forest trail to bathe in
that silence which is essential for my introverted sanity.

When choosing art supplies or facing a blank canvas in the studio, it still
brings a feeling of anticipation, possibility and curiosity each time! So does
mentoring others to reconnect with their inner creative wisdom. Those closest
to me tell me I bring an easy laugh and lightheartedness to life and that they
respect my depth of passion to spark a shift for others to live with more inner
trust, courage and creative connection.

Creating with colour, freedom and play is a spiritual practice for me and my
medicine. I adore the unfolding nature of it while witnessing the paintings
reveal themselves to me. Every piece is so unique!
I’m simply in awe of the power of creativity.”