Monica Gewurz


Mixed Media


Vancouver, BC

Currently in the Gallery

Twilight V
Silent Reflections
In the Moment
B/W Broken TV
Serenity XI

About the Artist

"In my paintings, I use multiple layers which gives me the opportunity to express nature in an abstract way, to encourage the viewer to be moved by its beauty, and to create a mood that will seduce the eye and inspire the spirit. In life there is always something going on beneath the surface, I want to encourage this inner exploration and engage the viewer in a visual, tactile and emotional experience. Some compositions are easily understood, while others are more complex inviting the viewer to look below the surface to see what is really there."

Born in Lima, Peru, Monica Gewurz immigrated to Canada in 1976 where she obtained her Bachelor of Science and Masters in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. She also holds both a Fine Arts and Advance Painting  Certificate from Emily Carr University of Art and Designs. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has travelled extensively throughout the world studying different art forms.

Monica’s energy and passion are expressed in her unique mixed media paintings. Her semi-abstract, highly textured, luminous mixed-media paintings draw primarily upon the natural environment and symbolism from ancient civilizations.

She applies paint with brush and palette knives to produce a 3-D effect suggesting organic energy flow and movement. The complex surface and depth in her paintings are created using layers of opaque and translucent acrylic gels, inks and natural materials such as sand, paper, fabric, glass, silver dust, and stone.

Her paintings have been displayed at many galleries and high-end art shows including: Museum of Northwest Art (MONA) US; Scott Milo Gallery US; Ukama Gallery; Lehangart Gallery and Gallea Gallery in Montreal; Sooke Harbour House Gallery; The Gallery at Matticks Farm; The Kube Gallery in Fort Langley; the Ferry Building Gallery; Sidney & Gertrude Zack Gallery; Silk Purse Gallery and Seymour Art Gallery. Virtually she is represented by Saatchi and Singulart. She is included as an Eco-Artist on The Visionary Project International Directory.

Her work is found in corporate and private collections throughout Canada, the US, Europe, Mexico, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Rusia, England, Israel, China and Japan. Her art is also held in prestigious public institutions such as the Lions Gate and Vancouver General Hospitals and the Union Gospel in Vancouver.

Monica is a philanthropist who regularly donates her work to charities supporting dogs and horses in need, the visual arts, cancer research, and environmental conservation and protection.