Michelle Miller




Victoria, BC

Currently in the Gallery

About the Artist

Award-winning international artist and distinguished instructor Michelle Miller considers herself an abstract painter, but she effortlessly crosses boundaries and works just as confidently in other genres. Ultimately, there is a connection to nature and organic forms in all of her work, but also a depth that only comes with experience of the craft, and with life.

Miller earned a BFA in visual arts with a triple major in painting, drawing and printmaking, as well as a BA in art history. However, her art education began long before her university years. Michelle’s mother was a Sunday painter who taught her daughter to trust and follow her creative instincts.

“Painting must come from the heart for it to be rich. However, it must also have critical thought. The visceral and cerebral need to work in tandem to find balance.”

Miller is a full-time artist who works from her home studio in Victoria, BC, Canada. Working primarily in oils, her paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries across Canada, the United States and Asia.

She is currently exhibiting a figurative body of works for the ‘Figuratively Speaking: An Homage to the Female Grace, Face and Form’ group show at the Tofino Gallery of Contemporary Art debuting Nov 17, 2022.