Marion Evamy


Abstract & figurative painting


Sidney, BC

Currently in the Gallery

About the Artist

"ME! – I use my initials as my signature – the exclamation mark is my philosophy that life should be lived as an exclamation, not an explanation."

I dream of  bold colours – and possess extensive delight for mystery and intrigue. My desire is to present the unexpected with strength and emotion, and to capture that feeling that most of us know, but can’t quite define!

In my work, both figurative and abstract, I strive for a sense of history and mystery, of things revealed and concealed, sometimes simultaneously. The balance between light and dark, color and mood, exposure and subtlety, is central to my work.

There is certainly an over-riding sense of joy and play in my tropically coloured abstracts. Often these paintings are inspired by music I love, and the titles of songs make their way into the creations. Yet there is also tension and unexpected twists in the imagery which keep the viewer guessing! I don’t organize my paints and collage materials. I believe that art is as much about diversion as focus and planning. Part of the appeal of my working process is capturing that sense of possibility, and the feeling of delight and discovery.

My “fictional” portraits and figures, consist of anything from a face with strong shadows and etched lines, to quirky figures reminiscent of someone you know, to a mysterious confluence of marks and brush strokes. I am inspired by imperfection and exaggeration. Perfect is boring! I am seeking the qualities provided by working in a random, playful and fresh approach and setting my own ideals of the human form.

This freedom I embrace to move back and forth between genres and moods, has lead some critics to refer to my art as having a lack of focus. I agree. Focus, as in ‘following a predictable and consistent path’, is overrated. For me it ended up being a creativity and joy killer so I decided to stop trying to get there.

There is a private and exquisite reward of escaping from the laws of uniformity. I also find it pretty cool when people think that several artists are responsible for creating my work…!

After all, the heart seeks variety, and variety is the spice of life.