Janis Gosbee




Deep Bay, BC

Currently in the Gallery

Rhythm in Blues
Blue Jeans
Silver Screen

About the Artist

Janis Gosbee resides in Deep Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Her academic, design and artistic endeavours span more than thirty years and include a Bachelor of Interior Design in the Faculty of Architecture from the University of Manitoba. 

Janis’ infinite passion for the visual arts and art history are seamlessly woven into her daily painting practice. From an early age, she recalls being captivated by the images within her late father’s diverse collection of art and books. 

Her current work can be viewed at both the Tofino Gallery of Contemporary Art and the Federation Studio located at Granville Island, Vancouver. Janis was recently accepted into the Federation of Canadian Artists ‘On the Edge’ Exhibition and the 2023 Sooke Fine Arts Show. Her work is featured in private collections across North America. 

“Conveying feeling through abstraction, I focus on capturing the essence of landscape and nature through shape, colour and gestural marks. My large-scale works are spontaneous, emotional and expressive, inspired by patters and passion found in poetry, mustic and nature. 

Using acrylic oil, coloured pencils and ink, I intertwine natural forms, creating rhythm and depth, emphasizing light and shadow, and the ephemeral space between elements. 

It is my artistic quest to explore the dynamic interplay between abstraction and representation.”