Janis Gosbee




Deep Bay, BC

Currently in the Gallery

About the Artist

Janis Gosbee is an emerging painter who lives and creates in Deep Bay and Vancouver, British Columbia. Born and raised in Vancouver, surrounded by art as a child, Janis has had a passion and a reverence for art her entire life. She feels her colourful palette and ethereal images are inspired from her father’s art and the natural world around her.

Studying Art History, Architecture and Interior Design, Janis graduated from The University of Manitoba’s, Faculty of Architecture with a Bachelor of Interior Design. Janis furthered her artistic passion throughout her productive career in interior design, and as a designer, her fascination with spatial relationships, colour and light are evident and continuous.

Her pieces hover between abstraction and realism. Janis uses various mediums in her paintings, ranging from acrylics, gesso, pastels, ink, charcoal and coloured pencils in various self-taught techniques and styles. Mark making and many layers create the final piece.