Janice Beaudoin




Kamloops, BC

Currently in the Gallery

About the Artist

Janice Beaudoin is known for her playful, design-forward abstractions inspired by shapes and colours of the natural and built world around us.

A recent transplant from Vancouver to the interior of BC, Janice’s joyful abstracts are rooted in her background in design, lending her work a strong graphic cadence that fuses her love of both drawing and painting.

As a process-based artist, it is the “not knowing” of the creative process that she finds exciting. She begins her canvases with improvised layers of marks and medium, building materials and playing with colour relationships, transparency, opacity and negative space. It is during this process when lines and blocks of colours begin to create form.

Fueled by observations of her environment and her own imagination, her abstractions occasionally fuse themselves with figurative elements, showing themselves in unintentional and unexpected ways. It’s this exciting and mysterious process that drives her to explore and develop her visual language.

Influenced by great contemporary artists such as Richard Diebenkorn, Ellsworth Kelly, Amy Sillman and Chuta Kimura, Janice synthesizes those influences to create work that is fresh and uniquely her own.

Her work is in private collections throughout Canada and the US as well as the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, Lebanon, Singapore and Japan.