Irma Soltonovich


Abstract, Painting


Victoria, BC

Currently in the Gallery

About the Artist

"To me, the act of painting encompasses all of who I am. Using the simplest of line and shape, the subtlest shift of color, my goal is to evoke an emotion, a feeling, a memory… initially, for me in the doing, and then again and again for the viewer. I paint what I need to paint and am delighted when someone connects to it and it changes their landscape. The horizon line offers me comfort and grounding as well as a sense of belonging. I continue to see the landscape as the root to the emotion. I paint not only what I see before me, but also what I see within me – a landscape of the imagination."

Irma grew up on a Saskatchewan farm where the prairie is never just background – nature dominates. Blizzards, lightning storms, and the overarching sky instilled in her a feeling of freedom, limitless space, and room to explore. Her predominant memory is a feeling of independence and the sky’s overwhelming presence. Although she has degrees in art and art education, she did not return to painting until 2002, and had a solo show within a year. Since April 2013 she has made her living as a full time artist. Irma continues to have an avid interest in contemporary dance. In 2005 she received the Peter Gzowski Literacy Award. Irma is well-known across BC for her advocacy in the fields of literacy, mental health and FASD, as well as her development and delivery of programs in the criminal justice system.