David Haughton




New Westminster

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About the Artist

David A. Haughton was born in Philadelphia in 1956 and moved to Canada in 1991. A self-taught artist, Haughton has been exhibiting his work for forty-six years. For 30+ years, he supplemented his art income as a Pediatric Emergency doctor. As was his plan all along, he is now a full-time painter.

View(s) from (within) the Waves will be his first exhibition in Tofino. He has held twenty solo exhibitions in Vancouver and has also shown in Zurich, Athens, Boston, New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle.His work hangs in over 300 private and corporate collections worldwide.

Artist Statement

Returning in winter to Tofino each year for over 20 years to face the storms, I gathered images, sketches, and memories from which to expand my series of paintings of storm waves first shown in my April 2013, September 2013, and November 2016 exhibitions Fear, Hope and Longing I, II & III. I am delighted to partner with Leah McDiarmid and the Tofino Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Leah responded with warmth and enthusiasm to my proposal: to create 10 or more works of the sea exclusively for the Tofino Gallery of Contemporary Art. Paint with a drastically limited palette, using “broken” colors, leveraging subtle variations of grey, I would seek to evoke in viewers my own emotional response to the implacable syncopation of massive winter waves off of Ucluelet, Cox Bay, Mackenzie, Chesterman and the beaches of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.